An opportunity to give!

An opportunity to give!

During the storm "Babet" in October, we had the misfortune to have one of our magnificent pines fall down on Landskrona Golfklubb. It's one of the pines that has given name to our company, Pine Coast Golf.

We were of course devastated as these pines amplify the surroundings and beauty of the par 5, hole 15, running along the seaside of Öresund. But here is an example of how one can turn a negative into something positive - by being creative!

Having walked past it several times, an idea suddenly popped up of how to both preserve the memory of the pine and also contribute to our noble purpose of Pine Coast Golf. How about turning a branch of the pine into beautiful bag tags for members? And donate the proceeds to Landskrona Golfklubb's junior section!

This way, members can add a memory of the actual course to their bag and proudly contribute to the next generation of golfers.

We spent Sunday 10th of December at a Christmas market close to the golf course and sold 16 bag tags with their new owners name engraved on the back. Previously, we had sent three bag tags out to customers in the US, UK and Japan and we will donate one to the club to keep in their records.

This has generated a total of 3.000 SEK for the youth section so far. But the good news is that we have still another 20 bag tags to go and hopefully there are still a few members out there looking for a way to do good and look good as well. We will keep you posted on our social media!

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