Sunday Golf Bags

Our Sunday golf bags are all hand sewn and made from natural materials, waxed cotton and Italian leather from Tuscany. Although Sunday golf is usually made for fewer clubs, this bag will hold a full set as well. Its low weight (2 lbs / 1 kg) will contribute to a pleasant carry experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the walk. We believe our bags will stand the test of time even as you lay them on the ground. Great leather and waxed canvas materials last for years and look better with age and wear.

Sunday Golf Bag

Pine Coast Sunday Bag

We have thought about the experience of Sunday golf. Clever functions allowing you to adapt what you carry each round based on the course conditions, making sure you enjoy it the way you intended to. The skewed pocket will keep your things safe when the bag is on the grass, and when you lift the bag, the pocket tightens because of the shape of the bag. The bottle pocket is reachable from the left side when you carry the bag on your back. The club divider will keep your woods separated from your irons. The handle will let you focus on your club choice before you lower the bag to the ground. This means our bags are made to be placed on the ground and they will not stand on their own. The loops are strategically centered under your shoulder and in between where the strap attaches to the bag to minimize force impact and improve balance. A bag with conscious design for minimalist golfers.