The benefits of golf

The benefits of golf

The purpose of Pine Coast Golf is to bring you towards mindfulness when you play golf, to make sure you enjoy the walk. We are backing this up with several studies made in the field of the benefits of golf. 

The ability to improve mental health by playing golf makes it used as a form of therapy for people with either substance abuse or mental-health problems according to the study linked below. "The findings revealed a positive influence on health and social well-being in addition to positive changes in daily activities"

It is good to exercise, but ensuring that exercise is happening outdoors is even better. There is a big benefit to ”green exercise” according to a 2015 study. ”Experiences in contact with nature have been shown to provide stress-reduction and restoration of mental fatigue” the study said.

Golf and social interaction on the course promotes dopamin generation which gives us a little high and at the same time kills pain. Enjoying a round with your old friends, or new ones you make on the way, will bring laughter and relaxation on your walk. Findings from a Swedish study in 2009 found golfers to have an increased life expectancy of about five years compared to non-golfers. Golf has a very positive impact on your overall health - mental health included.

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