Less than 14

Less than 14

Sunday golf bags were invented in Scotland, when the Catholic church did not allow work on Sundays. Hence, golfers back in the day, were forced to carry their own sticks if they wanted a round of golf since caddies were prohibited from work that weekday. Creative golfers came up with a lighter bag, matching all the needs of a relaxing round of golf that they could carry themselves.

But the interesting take on this concept is what has happened in the last few years, personally it is all related to the pandemic and the therapy golf can provide by just a walk in nature, getting your mind off work. I started playing 7-9 holes almost daily to ensure my mental health and getting a daily dose of reflection. Getting my full golf gear on just for a quick round, was frustrating to say the least. Eventually, it led to the creation of our first prototype Sunday golf bag and carrying less than a full set.

The challenge we can get from carrying a half set is exhilarating, you are forced to be in the moment and focus your game in a whole different strategic way. Making sure you play to have the right distances left, or even the mastering of a draw or fade to extend or shorten the shot length of a club to fill a gap. As a golfer, it's a great way to grow your game and skills.

Here are four points why playing with fewer sticks could be challenging and beneficial for you: 

  1. Increased Focus: When you have fewer clubs in your bag, you need to be more strategic about the shots you take. This can help you stay focused and engaged with each shot, rather than simply relying on the club with the most distance.

  2. Simplification: Golf can be a complex and challenging sport, and having too many clubs can make it even more complicated. By using fewer clubs, you can simplify your game and make it easier to manage.

  3. Versatility: When you have fewer clubs, you need to learn how to use them in a variety of situations. This can help you become a more versatile player, able to adapt to different course conditions and shot requirements.

  4. Weight Reduction: Carrying a golf bag with 14 clubs can be heavy and tiring, especially over 18 holes. By using fewer clubs, you can reduce the weight of your bag and conserve your energy for your swings.

Ultimately, the decision to play with fewer than 14 golf clubs is a personal one and depends on your individual playing style and preferences. Some players may find that having more clubs gives them more options and flexibility, while others may prefer the challenge and focus that comes with using a limited set of clubs.

This is a movement - one can argue if this is regression or progression but there are so many of us out there with the intention of minimalism in golf. To shift focus. To enjoy and to be challenged. There is of course a worldwide community and you will find them here. Matt runs this community with open arms and we would want nothing more than to support the growth of minimalism in golf - make sure you follow Matt on Instagram using this link.

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