Our wish to give back

Our wish to give back

We created Pine Coast Golf with a purpose. The purpose of promoting mental and physical health through the game of golf. Our derived conclusion is based on personal experience, especially during the pandemic.

So our noble purpose of existing in the golf equipment market is in the long run to be able to give back to organizations that support that cause. We see a troubled world in many ways in the last couple of years, with a pandemic affecting the world, just to be followed by a war in Europe with horrific consequences. Add on top of that an inflation across most countries and just try to imagine what it is like to grow up as a kid today. Constantly bombarded with on one hand these ongoing issues in the world and on the other hand scrolling through TikTok or Instagram where influencers show off an illusion of a seemingly perfect life without any work behind - all while your brain is under development and emotions are building up inside.

How can we make a difference? Well, we want to make sure that more young people discover golf. We want more kids to understand the benefits of this lifelong form of therapy. So, the promise from us is that we will find ways to donate proceeds - form alliances and ensure that our partners also contribute to this noble cause and engage our customers in understanding why they need to commit and make a change too.

So that is why our focus is not only on bringing you these thought-through golf products that will ease your mind on the course, but also off the course.

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