Time to donate and be rewarded!

Time to donate and be rewarded!

May is known as mental health awareness month and we find this to be a perfect time to give you an offer that will be hard to pass on. As you hopefully know by now, we are very passionate about mental health and our purpose here at Pine Coast Golf is to promote mental and physical health through golf.

We have already taken a few of our own initiatives and donated to our local golf club and their junior section as well as teamed up with an organization promoting openness around mental health, "Aldrig Ensam" or Never Alone in English. 

Let's take the next step together. We are prepared to offer you 50% discount on our three original bags: The Brook, The Sea and The Fox if you donate to charity. By emailing us proof of your donation of a minimum $100, we will send you a discount code you can use to purchase our bags at half price.

To us, this is a win-win-win, as you feel good donating, the charity will benefit from your effort and we will continue to march towards our purpose of promoting mental health. 

Reach out to us at info@pinecoastgolf.com and let's make May a great month for mental health.

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