Design week

Design week

In August, we had a full week of design together with our leather workshop. It is time to increase the product portfolio, to include essential accessories. Our idea is to not only complement our Sunday golf bags, but also develop products that allow you to focus on what's important. You. 

It was a very productive week with plenty of prototypes made that we brought home for testing. We can gladly report that there will be an upload of products coming your way. Alignment sticks covers, headcovers and a putter cover that is made from the leftover leather during our bag production and other useful accessories. Each of them will be unique and handsewn and we can't wait to share that with you. 

On a personal note, my own golf game has improved over the summer to levels I have never reached before. The key has of course been linked to playing more than ever but also the excellent mental help from the guys at GolfGuru. Their simple drill of A B C is something I use on every shot. You should go check them out! We also offer one month free subscription at GolfGuru when you purchase a Sunday golf bag. Another real improvement factor has been the use of less clubs on the course. It forces me to think differently and also practice shots I would normally not use - growing my game skills. 

We hope you enjoy the walk out there, still plenty of golf season left in the year!

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