The story

The Pine Coast Golf story
We are a family business with the purpose of promoting mental and physical health through the game of golf. As golfers ourselves, we experienced what benefits golf offered during the pandemic and there are a multitude of studies proving the positive effects of playing the greatest game on the planet.
Falling in love with golf can be many things. Each person will have its own reason for being absolutely obsessed or just being out on a walk in nature with friends. We believe there is no right or wrong way to love golf. What you feel when you play. 
Our personal journey comes through the revelation of magical summer nights in Sweden where you easily play until 10 pm in June and July. The warmth in the air and the magical sunsets as the wildlife on the course comes to life - and you are completely alone. That was our first mindfulness moment.
So how did that then develop into our passion for golf equipment and the possibility of supporting other journeys towards a better life? Personally (Johan), I love competing in everything I do. Golf naturally became my source for that during the pandemic and my aspiration to shoot lower each round drove me in the beginning. It was easy at first, but then it quickly became harder once I reached a plateau. Frustration took over and the love-hate feeling of golf that I think we have all experienced nearly had me question my passion. I needed to change my behavior and seeing golf from a different perspective. One where the walk and the inner journey is the goal.  
With a minimalist mindset and functional design rooted deep in our way of thoughts, we started drafting what we believe would be the best design to look good on the course - to also make you feel good - and really maximize the experience of Sunday golf. 
Searching for a partner to help us stitch up these great looking bags, we went back to family roots. We found a leather workshop in Poland, where we still have relatives that we visit, that was willing to help us. Craftsmanship and artistry as the foundation, we are proud to give back to the community there and to bring you handsewn products that means so much to us.
Come and enjoy the walk and start your journey with us.
Lisette & Johan