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Pine Coast Golf

Yardage book cover (Navy)

Yardage book cover (Navy)

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We have created a masterpiece using our Italian leather in a beautiful navy color, sewn by hand, to enable your journey towards the mindfulness of golf. This cover will keep your yardage book, scorecard and pencil in one place leaving you to experience golf like the professionals. 

It fits perfectly into our Sunday golf bags skewed pocket, making it easy to grab it when you need it, or you keep it in your back pocket when playing a new course.

Enjoy the walk in style.


All natural vegetable tanned Italian leather from Tuscany, Italy


Width: 4.33" (11cm)

Length: 7" (18cm)

Care Instructions

For our leather, we recommend using a leather cleaner and leather conditioner. First, spray a light amount of the leather cleaner on a clean, soft rag.  Gently rub the leather in a circular motion and let dry. Once dry, apply a small amount of the leather conditioner to a soft clean rag and gently rub the leather in a circular motion and let dry. There is a small risk that the colored leather might leave small stains when wet.

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