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QuickHook Golf

Trestle Sticks

Trestle Sticks

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Wooden trestle sticks from the Swedish company QuickHook. Created specifically for Sunday and Hickory golf bags, these trestle sticks combine timeless design with modern practicality. Made by hand in Sweden.

They are stained to not only protect the wood from the elements but also to highlight its natural beauty and luster. This treatment ensures that each set is unique, with its own distinctive wood features.

The connection screws are used to ensure a firm and reliable structure, which allows the trestle sticks to hold up your bag stably and safely regardless of the weather conditions.

And as the icing on the cake, each set is equipped with a leather strap that acts as an elegant and functional locking mechanism.

QuickHook’s wooden trestle sticks are both a practical solution and an expression of golf’s tradition and Swedish design. Enjoy your next round together with these beautiful trestle sticks from QuickHook.


Length: 36" (93cm)

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